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– "I am a father who was scared my wife who made a lot more money than me would divorce me and take my children and have her boyfriend replace me as their Dad and David was successful in obtaining court orders giving me primary custody of all my children."

– "I am a mother who feared my husband who has drug and alcohol issues would leave the state with my children and Mr. Lebowski was successful in obtaining an emergency court order awarding me custody."

– "I am a grandparent who was scared my son's wife a very emotionally unstable individual would come into town and physically remove my grandchildren from the state and I called David @ 4:45p.m. on a Friday and he was able to get us an emergency court hearing the following Monday morning which resulted in my son keeping physical custody of my grandchildren."

– "My husband and I needed a lawyer with the ability to prepare and obtain the court's approval on an unusual settlement agreement and we needed it done ASAP. Mr. Lebowski returned our call on a Saturday and took the time to meet that day and have the agreement completed the following Monday."

- "Mr. Cossio settled my case within approximately 90 days for a sum that changed my life."

- "Miguel is the kind of lawyer other lawyers use. A lawyer's lawyer; the best recommendation one lawyer can give another."

– "The great thing about Mr. Lebowski is he makes himself available after 5p.m. and on weekends and he has experience in many areas of law besides family issues including criminal and well as personal injury cases." - Several Clients


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